Now when a student comes into my office, I know exactly what to do that will help. It’s been incredible.
– High School Guidance Counselor
This program has fundamentally changed the way I work with students and even the way I take care of myself; it has changed my life.
– High School Guidance Counselor


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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the leading evidence-based practice for treating stress, anxiety, and depression in both children and adults. CBT works by improving awareness and control of unhelpful thinking and behavioral patterns; and by encouraging healthful coping skills to ease emotional distress.


Mindfulness is an evidence-based approach to promoting emotional wellness and relief from pain or distress through cultivation of a non-judgmental, focused awareness of the present moment.

TRAILS to wellness

Effective mental health services, accessible in all schools

Discover how the TRAILS program has transformed the lives of countless school professionals and their students.